European Tax Experts.
We have the people who have the answers.

You receive information from us about the applicable tax legislation and how it is applied in France. In Italy. In Great Britain. In Spain, in Portugal and in other European countries.

As a company, as a private individual or indeed as a tax consultancy, you can receive information from us about tax legislation in a particular European country. Similarly, we can tell you how that legislation is implemented by the fiscal authorities in the key European countries. You get information from local experts on the ground – individually selected and highly qualified tax specialists from the self-same country as that to which your question relates.

Our network is already in existence in the key European countries. To expand this network, we are looking for experienced partners from additional countries, so that we can offer an even more comprehensive service for the respective region. Are you after information about taxation in Zurich or Lucerne? European Tax Experts will get the answers. What are the limitation periods under tax law in France? We pass the question on to our expert in Paris. What taxation can you expect in another European Union country? European Tax Experts will tell you. European Tax Experts is building a network of highly qualified partners to tackle questions of tax legislation for companies that operate internationally.

The idea of the European Tax Experts is simple: just as even an experienced translator still speaks his or her own language best of all, experienced tax experts know their subject best in their own country because that is their everyday work. Christian Böke (Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater)