European tax authorities are increasingly networking. European Tax Experts represents an effective counterweight to the cross-border activities of foreign finance authorities.

With the development of international business relationships comes increasing activity on the part of foreign fiscal authorities.

European Tax Experts is reacting to this situation by forming a tax consultancy company that is active across Europe. As a counterweight to the networking of the tax authorities, European Tax Experts is building up its own network of professional colleagues in all the important countries of Europe. The principle is very simple: as a company, private individual or a tax advisor seeking a service, you can address your questions on European tax law to European Tax Experts in Berlin. We channel your questions to the appropriate expert abroad. This expert will be operating in the capital city of the relevant country and will have connexions across Europe, so you can expect a highly competent response.

European Tax Experts’ directors have years of practical experience in international tax law to contribute. This valuable experience has been brought to bear on the design and set-up of our tax consultancy company, which is active across Europe. As a client, the advice you are given will be highly specialised. As a partner, you will find that we work with and alongside you on a personal level.