Become a European Tax Experts partner

Let’s first make a brief diversion into the basic principle of the business, by looking at a simple example. A company in France has questions about taxation in Italy. The French company seeks advice from the partner in Paris. The Paris-based partner forwards the question to the service centre in Berlin. The Berlin service centre passes the question on to the partner in Rome.

The partner in Rome will not respond via the Berlin service centre but by the shortest and most direct route, straight to the partner in Paris.

Each partner thus gets cases that belong to his own legal province. We welcome as partners European tax consultants, auditors, and specialist tax lawyers, and international experience would certainly be an advantage.

Why become a partner?

With your internationally active clients, questions on international tax law will automatically come to you. You can either bring in another – outside – expert, or your can indicate to your client that he could hardly be better protected than with you, since as an European Tax Experts partner you have the best contacts with partners in other European countries.

Tax consultants are in a position of high trust with medium-sized companies. This position of trust is based on your comprehensive knowledge, your experience and your ability to identify solutions for the company in a complex environment; as a European Tax Experts partner, you will be in an ideal position in this respect.

In your communications with your clients, take the high ground in the field of European tax legislation and make it your own.

How can you become a partner?

As a European Tax Experts partner you remain entirely independent and free of restrictions. After a period of getting to know one another personally, you would acquire shareholder status and would receive a cooperation contract for the country in which you are based. As you see, we would like our relationship to be more than an occasional cooperation, which is why we prefer to have a network based on a company structure.

Your role as a partner

You handle the queries that relate to your country. European Tax Experts formulates marketing objectives that you then implement in your own country. You report to the company headquarters in Berlin.

Company structure

The eu tax experts joint venture GbR (a partnership under German law) has a shareholding in european tax experts Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH (a limited company).

In joining the GbR you indirectly acquire shareholder status. The participating companies conclude a framework agreement (partner agreement).We will provide you personally with more details on the financial side.